Wide product range

Comprehensive service in various industry sectors

Wide product range

Comprehensive service in various industry sectors

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SAP Polska Producer of conveyor belts

As a manufacturer of conveyor belts, we offer a wide range of industrial belts with specifications adapted to the technological needs of customers. Starting cooperation with us, you can count on professional service, from consulting, valuation to order fulfillment. In SAP Polska, high-quality industrial belts, conveyor belts available straight from the manufacturer and therefore you can count on the implementation of individual orders in the field of solutions in general maintenance.

We look forward to working with you.

Conveyor belts, industrial belts

Conveyor belts available in the SAP Polska offer are a wide range of solutions, from standard to specialized applications, even for the most demanding customers.

Specializing in the production of industrial belts, including conveyor belts, we are able to fulfill orders for almost every industry.

The conveyor belt works perfectly as a supplement to both production and transport processes as well as technological processes.

Industrial belts in SAP Polska offer:



Industrial belts for your company:

Drive belts

We offer drive belts with polyamide tension, polyethylene terephthalate foil and belts with aramid tension as well as flat drive belt and endless flat drive belt.


A wide range of V-belts for various applications includes classic, toothed, narrow profile and toothed belts. It also includes banded and double-ribbed V-belts, wide profile and multi-ribbed V-belts.

Toothed belts

Toothed belts transfer the torque of the belt tooth to the pulley tooth. The teeth are formed on the inner surface of the belt and the corresponding teeth of the pulley allow the gear to run without slipping. This type of belt transmission is used in devices where slippage is unacceptable.

Multi V-ribbed belts

Poly V-belts, also known as ribbed belts, are made of a polybutadiene-based compound as standard.

The cord of the belt is made of high-strength polyester cords or aramid fibres.



More maintenance solutions:

Engineering belts

Belts made for special production processes that require non-standard solutions.

We can make various types of coating and equipment depending on the customer's requirements.


We offer a wide selection of the highest quality drive and transport chains from RENOLD, in standard and special designs for individual orders.

Gears and geared motors

The offered drives are characterized by universal design and technological solutions. Mounting dimensions and construction allow their use as a replacement for many brands of drives currently used on the market.

Worm gears, thanks to their construction, can work as self-locking drives in selected ratios.

Transport conveyors

Depending on technological needs, we can offer the implementation of any type of conveyor. We offer belt conveyors, roller conveyors, bucket conveyors, chain conveyors, slat conveyors, mesh conveyors and special.


Elevator belts and buckets

In the field of elevator belts, we offer antistatic, flame retardant, fat-resistant belts and belts for bucket conveyors. Bucket buckets made of pressed/seamless steel and welded buckets as well as plastic buckets made in injection technology.

Strip and dock curtains

PVC foil curtains, also known as strip curtains, are mainly used to protect utility rooms against external conditions, i.e. protection against wind, cold and insects. We also offer dock curtains that protect goods during the loading and unloading process in warehouses and reloading docks.

Steel and plastic meshes

Steel mesh tapes can be made of stainless, acid-resistant, galvanized and ordinary wires. The thickness of the wires is selected for the purpose of the tape. We offer plastic nets made of polyester, polyamide, as well as PPS or PEEK on special request.

Multi V-ribbed belts

Heat-sealable belts made of polyurethane and polyester elastomer are manufactured based on the highest quality standards. Quick and easy connection methods allow you to assemble the belts yourself.


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